What is Luxury Vinyl Tile?

Also known as LVT or hot pressed tile, Luxury vinyl tile is a flooring option that provides the look of ceramic floors. Luxury vinyl tile is created more efficiently and can easily meet the demands of many modern lifestyles. It is commonly confused with other types of hard floors such as vinyl composite tile or even laminate. However, LVT is very different in aesthetic and construction differences.
LVT can be created to replicate many varied materials. Some of these include hardwood flooring with a natural feel as well as stone. This can be helpful in maintaining a quality atmosphere while reducing installation prices and maintenance costs. Vinyl flooring in Utah is a popular option as their environment is often subject to sudden changes which can lead to warping or shrinking. With home improvement costs wavering often, LVT creates a cheaper and more durable option.

LVT Composition

Luxury vinyl tile was nicknamed hot pressed tile due to its creation process. It is created by fusing several layers with intense pressure and heat. Its layers are commonly composed of a vinyl core, vinyl backing and a protective layer that is commonly clear. This last layer is often known as a “wear” layer because it is created with a polyurethane finish. Along with these layers, there is a print film layer that carries out the chosen design.
The polyurethane finish and wear layer help determine the length of lifetime of your chosen tile type. Layers that are around 28 millimeters or above are considered highly ideal as they allow heavy traffic and use without deterioration. Thinner layers, however, are recommended for low traffic zones.

Common Misconceptions of Luxury Vinyl Tiles

With LVT growing in popularity, flooring companies sometimes discourage the purchasing or usage of this material in an attempt to increase their hardwood revenue. Old World Stone Imports carry a wide selection that includes vinyl tiling and value the options they provide their customers. It is important to understand common misconceptions when moving through these decisions because other professional companies may try to woo you in other directions.

Myth: Luxury Vinyl Tile and Laminate are Synonymous

This is a common one, perhaps due to its similarities in visual appearance. However, laminate flooring is constructed very differently. It is made with a wood powder core rather than a vinyl core like LVT. Further than this, it is good to keep in mind that this means the two react to moisture and humidity incredibly differently. Vinyl will not be affected by moisture differences but laminate will buckle or warp if exposed to moisture. This can even mean simple floor cleaning can affect the state of this material.

Myth: LVT is Costly to Maintain

Although we have discussed that LVT is a cheaper option, many are unaware of its lower costs. Keep in mind that the materials it is composed of truly make it a more durable option. Like discussed above, LVT will not warp due to environment or atmospheric changes. With other alternative flooring options such as vinyl composite tile, glossy waxing or polishes are required as it does not come with that protective layer. The protective layer on LVT helps prevent scratches, scuffs and stains allowing you to spend money on other things rather than maintenance.

Myth: LVT has No Visual Texture

Since luxury vinyl tile is created with the print layer, there are many material appearance options like wood and stone. Many try to state that LVT has no visual texture, leaving it a bland flooring option. However, their visual appearance is anything but flat or dull. At first, they may have appeared so but technology has come a long way since its first arrival. This flooring option has true depth and quality appearance due to its advanced layering technique and creation process.