Beautiful homes rely heavily on the type of tile used for flooring and walls. With all the different shapes and colors available within tiles you want to base your tile selection off your personal taste and budget. Taking color, texture, and style into consideration will help you make a great decision with regard to the best type of tile for your home.

Porcelain and Ceramic

This durable, water resistant material gives one of the most durable finishes to a home. Ideal for high-moisture spaces like bathrooms or kitchens, porcelain and ceramic are stronger, harder, and more water resistant than others. Because they are also stain resistant, it’s very difficult to discolor the surface of this long-lasting tile.

In addition, porcelain and ceramic tile are easily maintained. If properly installed and cared for, it can last homeowner’s decades. If for any reason a tile gets damaged, repair costs are low and consist of the individual tile to be removed and replaced. There is so much to love about porcelain and ceramic tiles. It’s no surprise they are among the most popular on the market.

Natural Stone

When moisture is not of the essence, natural stone tile works well for both walls and floors. Options for natural stone include granite, marble, slate, and travertine. One of the most fashionable and versatile materials to use within a home, natural stone tile is a great option for rooms that don’t accumulate too much moisture.

Unlike porcelain and ceramic materials, natural stone is not slippery. It’s a safe flooring option for homeowners with small children and pets. Not only is this tile type beautiful, but it offers a welcoming ambiance that looks good alongside any style of décor.

A disadvantage of natural stone tile flooring is the high cost of purchase and vulnerability to scratches due to the brittle nature of this material. However, like anything else if properly cared for, it can last years upon years.


A bit more expensive in cost than ceramic or stone tiles, mosaic flooring or walls give spaces a long-lasting look. Found in a variety of colors and patterns it is not highly recommending for floors because of its grout lines that make the cleaning process more difficult. However, utilizing this material for walls does an amazing job capturing and distributing light throughout the room.

Selecting mosaic tile for your home will add flair and character to any room. It’s truly a beautiful selection for living spaces with suitable options for any style. You won’t be disappointed with this rejuvenating material for your home!


The last type of tile flooring option we’d like to touch base on the glass tile. Depending on the type of glass, this can be a suitable option for floors. More prone for walls, this type of material is considered a specialty and you can expect to pay a large sum for the installation process. Ultimately, glass tile comes in an abundance of colors and patterns to choose from to give your floor or wall a delicate, yet stunning look.

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