Vinyl flooring is slowly becoming one of the most popular types of floors chosen for the home because it is extremely versatile and has a lot to offer to the modern lifestyle. It’s a high-quality stylish type of flooring that appears to look just like tile, wood, or any kind of patterned hard surface but costs way less, and is extremely easy to install. However, due to those qualities of being affordable and appearing like a material it is not, people question if it is durable. When you choose flooring for the home, you want to make sure that one, that it will stand against dirt, accidents, and heavy objects, and two, it will stand against the test of time so you don’t need new floors anytime soon. Finally, you want to make sure it won’t chip, peel, or crack easily.

Vinyl floors are increasingly popular for a reason, and that is mainly due to its appearance and its price tag. However, homeowners question if it is actually durable. In fact, it is! We understand before investing in something so permanent and expensive like floors you want to know exactly what it is you’re getting for what you pay for. With that in mind, you are heading towards the right direction towards choosing the best type of Vinyl flooring for your home from Old World Stone Imports; we want you to have the best floors for your home. Below are some reasons to reassure you why Vinyl flooring is durable:

The Anatomy of a Vinyl Sheet

Understanding the anatomy of a Vinyl sheet will help you understand not only what it is made of, but also why it proves to be durable. It’s nothing short of quality flooring!

1.Base Layer

This layer supports all the layers involved in a Vinyl sheet. It is a durable and strong base that lays the foundation of the sheet.


The fiberglass’ job is to maintain a flat sheet.

3.Cushion Layer

The cushion layer is what provides the bounce and texture of the vinyl sheet for optimum foot comfort.

4.Pattern Layer

This layer provides the color and overall look of the sheet.

5.Wear Layer

The wear layer is the safeguard of the pattern layer, serving as a protection sheet.

6.Top Coat

The topcoat adds sheen to protect the wear layer. Not only is it a smooth overcoat, it also enhances the overall appearance of the vinyl flooring.


Before you learn about vinyl flooring’s durability, it’s important to understand the term a little better. Durability discusses the hardness and wear of the flooring. In simple terms, the more durable that type of flooring is said to be, the more wear and tear (everyday use) it can take.

Vinyl flooring is a very solid, closed-cell vinyl. This makes vinyl extremely water resistant and perfect for high-moisture areas. You won’t ever have to worry much about water damage, because when spills happen, vinyl flooring is less likely to curl due to its flexibility. Many industries and companies use vinyl flooring due to its strong durability and being prone to exposure to water and humidity.

This multifaceted and cross-purpose functionality flooring usually lasts anywhere from 10 to 20 years, usually covering the entire time you live in your home until you move out. In addition, vinyl flooring stands extremely strong against moving furniture around or any other heavy objects. Vinyl flooring is easily one of the most durable types of flooring and serves many others benefits and purposes.

Your next step with vinyl flooring is choosing which type of vinyl is best for your home. Check out the best vinyl flooring Utah and choose the style of flooring of your desires for unbeatable prices.