So you Found a Flooring Company...

After long hours of searching high and low for flooring companies, you believe you have found the one! But before you settle in with a single contractor or company, be sure to know your ins and outs. The flooring industry is a tricky one for those who are not familiar with the standards and the possible issues that may occur. Even if you have spent months making sure they are the right one, if you have never worked with a flooring company before, you may become prey to old tricks and lose money in the transaction.
Flooring is an investment, a high priced, utilitarian purchase meant to bring together all the aspects of your home and create an atmosphere. Unless you are choosing to install the floors yourself, which is not a recommended option if you have never shadowed someone before, it is best to go with a trusted company. Regardless of your choice in tile, hardwood, recycled wood or other alternative floorings, with a price tag this high, it is best to cover every single one of your concerns. After you have narrowed your choices, check out the following to make sure you have found the best floor company for your needs.

Thorough Price Discussions and Detailed Quotes

When you spend this much money on a home or commercial building improvement, it is highly important that you get your exact expectations in writing. Never work with a company that refuses to provide the project with a full overview. This is unacceptable behavior and will likely lead to the expectation of a higher price than previously expected or a slew of random charges and fees. Receiving a written document, also known as the quote, is a binding, legal document. This allows a trustworthy relationship to form between you, the client, and your chosen flooring company.
All professional flooring companies normally require a full discussion of the entirety of the project’s expectations and timeline as well as a signed document to ensure a pleasant experience. This is usually done before work ever begins. If your chosen flooring company does not move through these motions, it may be time to look elsewhere. With installation costs, preparation and even the possibility of hang-ups during the project, it is good to have a company that foresees these and communicates well with you. Old World Stone Imports prioritize proper communication and believe that quality is key.

Knowing the Environment and Layout

If you have chosen hardwood as the best flooring option, be sure to go with a company that knows how to properly acclimatize the wood. Hardwood floors are beautiful but they also expand in humidity and shrink in the cold. It is important that your company knows this and warns you accordingly. They should also warn you about environmental differences that could cause issues for flooring installation, Utah is notorious for strange weather conditions and a flooring company that does not disclose details like these are likely trying to scam you out of money.

Sometimes certain floor companies do not warn patrons of the limitations of the material either. This is unacceptable behavior as well and should not be tolerated. While shopping for possible flooring companies, be sure that they know their materials well. Some woods do not cut well against the grain or fit curves due to their tendencies to warp. The same can go for false or recycled floors. Being cut in certain directions may lead to uneven edges and an unsightly turnout. A good flooring company will have staff that is knowledgeable of all these possibilities.