Hardwood floors are amazing at adding warmth, character and style to any room.  You can make a room darker or lighter, you can add shine or take it away and you can add durability to any room with hardwood floors.  But, there are more factors than just the look of the wood; the actual type of hardwood is a huge factor that needs to be considered.  Let’s go over the pros and cons of Engineered and Solid Wood.

Solid and Engineered Wood are fairly low maintenance and is super easy to clean. Though the manufactures suggested care and maintenance of each brand of wood may vary slightly, often all you need to clean the floor is a spray bottle of approved wood cleaner and a nice dry microfiber dust mop.  Along with the ease of maintenance Hardwood Floors make the air quality in your home better because, unlike carpet flooring, wood floors don’t trap dust, dandruff or pet particulates.  

Customers are always asking us, “What's the real difference between Solid and Engineered Hardwood?”  The main difference is that Solid and Engineered wood come from very different sources.  Solid Wood comes from nature and is more and more likely to be sourced from new growth trees and can be quite sustainable.  Engineered Wood is made up of many different things; wood, plastics and adhesives make up a majority of engineered woods.  These key differences give each wood different properties.  Solid Wood doesn’t fade; the wood never loses its color.  Along with the ability to hold its color Solid Wood can be refinished with many different finishes so, along the years you can make it look new or even change the look entirely.  Engineered wood isn’t as flexible.  Many engineered woods have a thin venire of wood on the top, but some are simply pieces plastic made to look like wood.  Depending on the style of Engineered Wood that you purchase your ability to refinish or work with the wood later on may be affected.  

Wood is always a great choice for your home.  Whether you choose to go with Engineered or Solid Wood you will have a great addition to your interior.  And like always you can come into one of our two design centers and we will help you find the perfect floor for you.