Color is a huge factor when it comes to picking your flooring.  There are so many different ways to use color in a room and this is going to be the quick guide to do it right.

Let’s start with the color wheel.  The color wheel is made up of all the colors that we know but there are a few key points.  The main three points are the Primary colors; red, yellow and blue.  Those colors make up all of the other colors.  The next set of points to remember are the secondary colors; green, purple and orange.  These colors are made up of the primary colors combined in sets of two; red and yellow for orange, red and blue for purple and yellow and blue for green.  Everything else on the color wheel is all of these colors combined in different levels.  Now, the most important thing to remember is that secondary colors are often called complimentary colors because they go with the primary color they leave out.  So when matching colors a good place to start is a primary color that you like and its complimentary color; red and green, yellow and purple and blue and orange.  Using the colors right of the color wheel can often be a bit too vibrant so let’s move onto the more complicated part of color, tint, tone and shade.

Colors can be altered in many ways. People can add grey or white or black to make the colors exactly what they want.  This is a great way to tone down the vibrant colors right from the color wheel.  When adding white to a color it becomes a tint of the original color.  Tints are great ways to make a color less aggressive and much airier.  Tints of secondary colors are fun ways to compliment a primary color choice.  Making a color a bit richer and fuller by adding grey turns it into a tone.  A tone is a great way to change a color from its original state so that it isn’t as big and bold but, a bit easier on the eyes and more pleasurable to look at.  Tones can be a great way to add more of one color to a room without getting monotonous.  The last way to alter a color is to add black and turn it into a shade.  A shade can bring a room down if it feels it is getting too bright and bold. Shades can cool down a room and be a great compliment to a tint.  

Now, you may be thinking “how does this connect to flooring?” Well, tints, tones and shades are very important when choosing flooring.  Choosing a big bold carpet and making sure that it is matched with the right hardwood or tile is just about how the colors go together.  Let’s say that the carpet being put into a home is a nice beige.  Beige is a tint of brown, which means that it can be matched great with a deep brown hard wood.  The compliment to beige on the color wheel is on the blue side of the wheel, this means that a marble tile with a blue tone can be a great addition.  This is just one way to combine colors but there are plenty of others.  

When matching colors just start simple and work from there.  And like always if you need more help with you design come into one of our amazing design centers and we will be happy to help you find exactly what you need.