What is cement tile? Have you ever looked through a kaleidoscope? The first few turns of this seemingly magical little toy, you see singular shapes, turn it again, and there before your very eyes appears the most whimsical and beautiful picture. Perfect patterns put together in unison to make a mosaic that will take your breath away. That’s how I describe

cement tile.It’s exciting, memorable and is filled with a contagious energy! It’s currently all the rage in every application of design all over the world!The uses seem endless, from indoor and outdoor flooring, to back splashes, ceilings, counter tops and more.

This cement tile, or as I like to say high style artistic tile, is handmade to last for generations as a memorable and timeless option.

The origin of this stunning tile depends on what country one is from. The French say they made it first, but so do the Italians! Needless to say, we do know that cement tile or encaustic tile as some call it, was designed and carefully hand crafted by master artisans somewhere in Europe starting in the mid 18th century, seeing its zenith here in the good old USA in the mid 1930’s.

The artistry of Cement Tile is intricate in its conception and calls for great respect & almost reverence in how it is so mindfully and masterfully created.

After the entire mold has been filled with the colored cement, the form is slowly removed. Layers of sand are then put on top of the colored pattern. Finally, a fitted top is put onto the form covering the cement and the sand. This final step uses a hydraulic press, with thousands of pounds of pressure, these captivating cement tiles finally come home as a finished product. This is how cement tile was made in the 1850’s and this is how cement tile is made today. Careful attention is applied to every detail insuring the perfect tile for the perfect space. A single cement tile is beautiful, a piece of art really. When laid in the pattern it was meant for, it takes on a life all of its own, becoming a sea of perfection. Coming in a myriad of shapes, thousands of pattern choices and hundreds of colors to choose from, these vibrant & hardy cement tiles are only limited by one’s own imagination, with countless combinations.

It is installed just like a ceramic or porcelain tile, with the exception that the Cement Tiles must be sealed before install, before grouting and one last time after being placed and the grouting is complete. The sealant enhances the colors, helps to prevent stains and ensures longevity. If you’re looking to design a custom space that none of your friends or family will have... cement tile is the tile for you.

Cement Tile…the high style artistic tile!!